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Tahsili : SAAT  (Standard Achievement Admission Test)

Tahsili offers tutoring in Scientific subject areas of Grade 12  Chemistry / Physics / Biology / Math


SAAT  (Standard Achievement Admission Test)

covers four basic areas: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics. SAAT Focuses on the material of the official 3-year Scientific Curriculum of Saudi High Schools.


The items on the SAAT are distributed as follows 

The First year: Grade 10        20%

The Second year: Grade 11    30%

The Third year: Grade 12      50%

The SAAT consists of 110 items spread over five sections. The test includes
non-scorable trial items. The time allowed for each section is 25 minutes.

The test is given twice in one school year:

The first trial is before the final exams for the public secondary school, and the second is after the tests. You can only enter the test once, or enter it twice; in case you need So, the higher score will be calculated for you.

Registration for the SAAT test for the first period  starts on Feb 12, 2024

The actual time for the first trial of the SAAT test starts from May 9-13, 2024

Registration for the SAAT test for the Second period  starts on Apr 07, 2024

The actual time for the Second trial of the SAAT test starts from May 23-27, 2024

Qudrat : GAT (General Aptitude Test)

The GAT is a test that targets secondary school graduates who wish to pursue their studies in institutions of higher education. It measures several aspects that are related to the educational process, such as a student's analytical and deductive skills. The test is composed of two sections: verbal (language-related) and quantitative (mathematic).​

The weight allocated to GAT as an admission requirement varies from one university to another. It typically ranges between 30% and 40%, while the remaining percentage is distributed between high school GPA and SAAT, if applicable.

GAT Sections:

First: The verbal section which includes the following.

Reading comprehension: Ability to read, comprehend and analyze texts through answering questions based on the content of such texts.    .

Sentence completion: Ability to fill in the missing parts of short texts to make complete meaningful sentences using deductive and analytical abilities..

Verbal analogy: Ability to identify the relation between a pair of words given at the beginning of the test item against  a set of pairs given in the choices and determine the matching pair.

Contextual error: Ability to understand the general meaning of a sentence, and then identify the word whose meaning is not consistent with the context of the general meaning.

Relationship and difference: Ability to understand the relationship that links three choices to each other and determine the different choice, or identify the most relevant relationship from the given choices that can be linked to the beginning of the test item.

Second: The quantitative section which includes mathematical problems appropriate for the aptitude test according to high school major. It focuses on assessment, inference and problem solving skills and requires only basic knowledge. For the science major, the test items are divided as follows :

  • Arithmetic questions  36 %

  • Geometry questions 18 %

  • Algebra questions 10 %

  • Statistical and analytical questions 18 %

  • Comparison questions 18%

GAT (Arabic version): Applicants may take the Arabic version of GAT up to 5 times within Grade 11 and Grade 12 period. These attempts may be either paper-based or computerized tests. However, applicants have a maximum of 3 computerized test attempts.


GAT (English version): Applicants may take the English version of GAT up to 4 times in computerized test format.

Basics for SAAT

Chemistry : 5 hours

Biology : 5 hours

Physics : 5 hours

MATH : 5 hours

To Book just check Start Booking page

How to register for SAAT and GAT

Click on the link below:

Qiyas - Login:

The Following Identification Documents Are Required For Admission To The Tests


  • Males (Any of the following identification documents shall be sufficient):

  1. National ID Card

  2. Passport + copy of Family Registration Card

  3. Driving License

  • Females (Any of the following identification documents shall be sufficient):

  1. National ID Card

  2. Passport + copy of Family Registration Card

  3. Driving License

GCC Nationals

(Any of the following identification documents shall be sufficient):

  1. National ID Card

  2. Passport


(Any of the following identification documents shall be sufficient):

  1. Resident Identity

  2. Passport + copy of Resident Identity

Computerized Exams Locations:

Test Fees

Paper-based test:

  • Early registration:  100 SR

  • Late registration: 150 SR

Computerized test:

  •  100 SR

General Provisions

  • Saudi uniform is requested for the test

  • Test duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes to 3 hours

  • Using calculators during the test is not permitted

  • Using drafts is not permitted in paper-based tests

In The News

Our Mission

The mission of our Center is to provide all students with a high quality education that enables them to be contributing members of a multiethnic, multicultural, pluralistic society. We seek to create an environment that achieves equity for all students and ensures that each student is a successful learner, is fully respected, and learns to respect others.

Our Vision

is to be able to not only provide a service but rather provide an opportunity, to pave a way forward for each and every one of our learners.Through our teaching guide learners to not only be able to answer the question but to rather have the ability to understand the question, in turn teaching them the ability to think.

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