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SAAT PHY Notes + Recording (Basics)

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Prepare the students for SAAT Physics Exam

Recording : 4:20 hours (Full Explanation of SAAT PHY Notes File) expire date 01/07/2024

Booklet for Notes: includes the most important topics as short notes

- Pages = 112

- Downloadable File Format: PDF

Included Topics

A Physics Tool Kit

Representing Motion

Accelerated Motion

Force In One Dimension

Displacement and Force In Two Dimensions

Motion In Two Dimensions


Rotational Motion

Momentum and its Conservation

Work-Energy and Machines

Energy and Its Conservation

Thermal Energy

States of Matter

Vibrations and Waves


Fundamentals Of Light

Reflection and Mirrors

Refraction and Lenses

Interference and Diffraction

Static Electricity

Electric Fields

Electric Current

Series and Parallel Circuits

Magnetic Field

Electromagnetic Induction


Quantum Theory

The Atom

Solid State Electronics

Nuclear and Particle Physics

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